Problems of Japan’s political system. part 1

Mr. Noda has just elected as a Japan’s new Prime Minister, sixth in past 5 years.
Well, I don’t know much about Mr. Noda, so I want to write about Japan’s political systems. We’ve been changing many Prime Ministers in past few years. Many of Prime Ministers last in their position about a year or less. Moreover those who became Prime Minister weren’t elected by nations, but by lawmakers.
Japan’s Prime Minister is selected by indirect election, which means nations chose lawmakers, and lawmakers chose Prime Minister. This is concretely written on Japanese Constitution. This system is ok, but usually when new prime minister is elected in ruling party, opposition parties condemn that Prime Minister should be approved by the nations. and they call for general election to whether New Prime Minister is appropriate or not.
to be continued,
today, I don’t have much time to write, because tomorrow I have to go to Tokyo for the first time of My TOEFL school.

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