Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is Stepping down.

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Unfortunately, Japanese sixth Prime minister in recent 5 years is resigning its position, and new Prime minister will be elected by the next Monday.
Naoto Kan was unpopular Prime minister, but yet I believe he was proper person to control recent Japan. If prior Prime Minister Mr. Hatoyama, I think disaster’s recovery was more slowly.
However, Mr. Kan was under high pressure to stepping down. Consequently, he resigned his role.
According to the recent survey, many of respondents don’t support Mr. Kan, because of his less-leadership. But Many are supporting his effort of Nuclear Reactors to fade out.
I think, Japanese people should wait little more to get good result of the one Prime Minister. Japanese can’t wait till get good outcomes. Prime Minister however not god, and most of Prime Ministers are first role of Prime Minister position in their lives.  Therefore, they should have time to get used to.
We ensure them at least 2 years or more to get used to their works. We don’t need many prime ministers in few years.
Instead of changing prime minister, why don’t we give them time?
The new prime minister will be elected by the next Monday, but I believe whoever be successor of Mr. Kan won’t be any better than Mr. Kan.

also, in the news, it is written that Mr. Kan’s adviser always suggested him to tell people about his plan. clarify why he changed his mid.
but He rejected, and said, “man should not be judged by words, but by acts.”
I think most Japanese approved his acting, because Mr. Kan stopped all the reactors in Hamamatsu which were concerned about earthquakes in near future. But still, needed explanations.

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