Every government always has problem to solute.

Source news is this.

Every government always has problem to solute. Australian government plans to impose tax on carbon gas starting from next July on 2012. But more than 2,000 people gathered and protested against the tax not to impose.
The protesters say that the Prime Minister had promised not to introduce a tax last election. But she says to introduce a tax, so many people protests against it.
I think taxing on carbon gas is a good way to keep environment. But I also understand many people don’t want to pay much tax.
I know just taxing on carbon gas is not the best way, but it is one of the way to keep environment. There’s a lot more thing to do on environment, for example, building solar panel systems, or build wind power generation systems, or other.
But all these things need source money. So why not taxing on carbon gas and use that money to build recyclable power systems?
I completely agree with imposing tax on carbon gas.

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