China’s govenment changing.

Source news is here,
China’s local one municipal announced that they would shut down a chemical plant because of fears of civilians who lives in near the plant.
The chemical plant manufactures paraxylene, and its vapor can irritate eye and nose and even lead to death. Recently a tropical storm hit the area, and tidal wave hit the sea war and it breached the wall. Therefore many residents were concerned about plant’s leaking of its toxic materials. Some of resident fled because of concerning of leaking.
And many residents protested against the municipal government to shut down the plant. There were riot as usual, but finally the government accepted to close the plant. They didn’t announce exact date to close the plant.
Well, I think this news is meaningful to Chinese because most of civilians’ protest against government is mostly ignored and settled down by police officers violently. But this time, the government accepted residents’ demand and said they will close the plant immediately.
I think and hope this will cause China to democratize.

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