China let its currency rising against U.S dollar

OK the source news is this.

and I summarized as much as I could. This time I summarized and wrote pretty well. there’s little difference from source news, but I did pretty good I think 😛

OK, Chinese currency gets rising against the U.S. dollar, The news says Chinese government let Chinese currency renminbi rise against dollar. China’s currency rate was fixed because of China’s government operating of currency, buying dollar and selling renminbi and controlling its currency at low level.
Recently, China’s currency was getting rise even very slow pace, because inflations in China. This news says its raising speed was accelerated.
There’s no mention about U.S. debt evaluation. But I think china is raising its currency because of recent economics in the U.S.
United States’ long term debt evaluation was dropped its highest lever AAA to AA plus. Therefore many currencies are rising against the dollar including Japanese yen.
I think this is the reason why china’s government let China’s currency rise.

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