TOEFL Integrated Writing 1

The lecture and the passage both discuss about school organization system in the United States, which borrowed from the European system.
 While the passage implies details of school organization, the lecture offers problems of school organization.
 The passage says that current school organization system divideschildren into grade by chronicle age. Therefore, most of the students can grade up as they get ages. Yet the lecture implies problem of this dividing system because students are separated by their ages not by their maturity. Thus, some students who mature faster should study some inappropriatelevel of subject.
 Second, according to the passage, dividing system divides students by chronicle ages, yet also by students’ understanding. Therefore, some students who can’t acquire the minimum requirement to grade up, they have to do entire a schoolingyear again including some subjects they already finished.
 The lecture and the passage both indicate about current organization system. There are many problems in this system.

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