I took TOEIC IP test today. TOEIC IP, stands for TOEIC institutional program, test usually held in schools or companies, those organized groups.

This was the second time I took TOEIC IP test, though TOEIC itself was the fourth time. Since I have taken TOEIC many times, I gradually have been accustomed to TOEIC test.  Maybe because of this, I was a little bit aware of the other people taking TOEIC test with me today.

During the listening section, I was very surprised how fast other people marked mark-sheet as they listened.  Especially during the Part 3 and Part 4, other people finished marking for the questions when announces or conversations were finished. I think many TOEIC test takers read the listening questions before they listen to materials so they can answer the question as they listen announce or conversation. Yet, because I never read the questions before announce or conversation finishes, I cannot answer and mark that fast.

I did not happen to lose my concentration during the listening section this time, and I have done all the reading sections’ questions quite well. When I finished marking all the questions on the mark sheet, I still had 10 minutes left. Because I could not use the extra time efficiently last time, I tried to use the precious time efficiently this time. I reviewed back from the last question to earlier questions. Thinks to this, I was able to review all the questions on the reading sections except grammar section of Part 5. Although I was able to review all the reading questions, I could not answer several questions in spite of spending much time.

I think my condition today was the best ever since I have taken TOEIC test. Probably my effort will result in scores, I hope. I was able to recognize my weak points of English, and I learnt how to use extra time. For these reasons, I think this was the best TOEIC for me.

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