TOEFL independent writing – modern technology

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern technology is creating a single world culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Technologies have been developing. Especially modern technology, such as information technology and transportation technology, has changed our lives dramatically and is varying our lives. Yet, it also is creating a single world culture. The reasons to support this proposition are; the development of transportation technology, information technology, and thereby information exchanges.

First, the development of transportation technology reduced time consumption on travelling leading people to travel much further distances more easily. And recent advances of fuel systems made travel cost cheaper. These two factors encourage people to travel more often than ever before. For example, many foreigners, more than 1 million people, if my memory serves, visit Japan every year just for sightseeing. This lead many Japanese to learn foreign languages, usually English.

Second, information technology changes our lives dramatically, more than any other technologies. The advances of information technology speeded up information exchange processes. For example, just few decades ago, we had to write a letter to contact with people in a distant place. This meant it took at least a day and more to exchange information to one another. However, recent development of information technology reduced its time consumption on contacting people. For instance, we can exchange instant messages through the internet, and even we can have a talk using video call through, for example, Skype.

These two technologies create single world culture. Because we do not need much time to exchange information, it is highly probable that people get the same information at the same time. Good information spreads very rapidly through the many technologies. And good culture spread worldwide without any distracters. For example, some of American cultures are now mixed in Japanese culture like fashion, and entertainment. Many Japanese people know American movies, movie stars, and fashions.

Modern technology helps us to exchange more information more rapidly than ever. And this is not only because of information technology, but also because of transportation technology. This will likely to create a single world culture. Throughout the issues I discussed above, I believe that modern technology is creating a single world culture, though only halfway done.

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