Eiken 1st grade Essay – Has modern society become too dependent on technology?

Has modern society become too dependent on technology?
Key words: Interpersonal communication, Health and medicine, Traditional skills and crafts, Leisure activities, Workplace efficiency, Environmental issues

It has long been argued that whether we are too dependent on technology. It is true that the development in technology made our society easier place to live. Yet, at the same time modern society, we live now, is too dependent on technology. We should consider carefully not to depend on technology too much.

The advancement of technology made our life easier, and more efficient, especially in workplaces. People use computers, mobile-phones, and other technological gadgets to work efficiently. If we need to contact with people in other countries, we can use e-mail, telephone, or even face-to-face call on the internet. Once we pick up the phone and dialed to the person in the other country, you can be connected in less than a minute. Technology development in these area changed business styles and made efficient workplaces.

At the same time, however, we become too dependent on technology; some people avoid interacting with people in real world. For instance, almost everyone in modern society has high-tech cellphone. People use cellphone to exchange information in any area, even in the situation the person you need to contact to is sitting next to you.

Moreover, medical diagnosis is too dependent on technology, too. When people need to check up their bodies, many doctors would offer you technological diagnosis, like CT, rather than asking one-on-one detailed questions. Though this kind of technology is essential in medical inspection, technological diagnosis cannot determine psychological diseases.

Although advances in technology made better society, we should stop depending on technology too much, and we should ask ourselves whether we are too dependent on technology.

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