Eiken 1st grade essay – Do the benefits of genetically modified crops outweigh the dangers?

Do the benefits of genetically modified crops outweigh the dangers?
Key words: Economic impact, Global warming, Government regulations, Human health, Resistance to disease and pests, World Hunger

It has long been argued about genetically modified crops whether they are dangerous or not. They are made by modifying their genes directly thus their impact on human beings and ecological environment are in mystery. However, the benefits of genetically modified crops outweigh the predictable dangers.

One big concern about genetically modified crops is their negative impact on human health. Because most of genetically modified foods are made to resist for potential crop diseases and bugs, they might have resistance to human beings. However, this has yet to be proven. Moreover, human bodies are strong enough to digest and resist to genetically modified crops, if they have negative impact, because humans eat various kinds of foods than any other animals.

In addition to that, genetically modified crops might be a key to solve world hunger. Because we can modify genes directly, genetically modified crops could suit to various environments, even to severe climate. This would result in yield increase, and can resolve world hunger. Regions where facing food shortages usually also have sever climate, less education. With genetically modified crops, they can grow crops easily, and will have enough food to survive.

If we introduce genetically modified crops more widely, they would solve world hunger. Though some people argue that genetically modified crops are dangerous, their advantages outweigh the dangers.

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