Spring Vacation !

Hello, it has been long time since I last posted personal posting. I posted some Eiken-related essays, but I haven’t updated personal postings for a while. Today is February 7th, it’s already Spring Vacation for most of Japanese University students, so for me.

So, I would like to write about my plans for the vacation. I haven’t announced yet on English blog, I am chosen to be an exchange student for North-West University in Xian, China. I’m gonna study in China for 8 months starting from next August. So, “August”, do you know what that means? That means, no summer vacation for me. Since first semester ends in July, or August in Japan, I won’t have next vacation. Moreover, I am already Junior – will be senior next school year -,  so I have many things that should be done in this coming school year: Finishing up graduation thesis, preparing for study abroad, making money, and perhaps job hunting, and more.

So, this spring vacation is the important key for my future. If I spent this whole vacation doing nothing, my future would be terrible.

So, what I want to do during the vacation are; finish up 80% of graduation thesis, find one more part-time job, study for STEP Eiken 1st grade, gather information for scholarship and apply, etc.  Well, too many things! But I should do, otherwise, I will be loser.

Oh, I forgot one more important thing: write blog postings in English. This is for my English improvement. I know my English is terrible, but thank you for reading my blog. If you visited and read this posting, please leave some comments, I will be happy to read comments. Thank you.

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