Hello readers, this is me again. It’s already March 12th, almost a half of this month is passed. Many of citizens in this country(Japan) are excited by World Baseball Classic (WBC). Yes, I am one of them. Today, Japan has a game with Netherlands. It already started at 7:00 PM Japan Time. And WOW! Japan is leading the game !

Well, what I was going to write? Oh, about Nike+. I am so sorry for beginning the post with irrelevant information. This is bad habit of Japanese people.

Well u, Nike+ is an useful application for Smatrphones. It can manage your running, or jogging  habit. How many of you try to do running, or jogging regularly, but gave up? Well, No more worries. Nike+ would never let you give up doing so. It record running speed, route, distance, etc.

Nike+ is a very useful and helpful app for running, or jogging beginners. To tell you the truth, I was also helped by this app. Actually, I planned to run everyday since last summer. When I started to do running, I could hardly run 500m. Yet, as I continued running, little by little, distance had been prolonged. BUT, I didn’t know why, I hardly could run 1km maximum.

I could run 1km, but I got exhausted. Someday, somehow I remembered that there was an app named Nike+. I installed it right away into my iPhone. Then, I did running with that app working. Well, the app taught me anything, though I could run only 1km.

First of all, I was too fast as a running beginner. My average speed was 4’00″/km. Compared with other Nike+ users, average speed in my age was 6’59″/km. So I was far faster than average men in my age.

So I decided to run slower. I decided to run with average of 5’00″/km pace. It was quite slow as I began running, because I was not tired. I ran 1km with that pace. When I finished running, I did not feel fatigue, rather I felt I could run more. So I decided to continue running with 5’00″/km pace. And two months later, now, I can run 3km. It’s unbelievable :O I will continue doing running, and want to be able to run 5km at one run. After reaching 5km, I will try to boost speed.

If you want to do running, or jogging, try using Nike+. It’s worth it.

*Sorry for my terrible English and grammar. Thank you for reading.

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