Hello it’s been a long time since the last update (← well this sentence became the template for my posts). Every time I update, I try to continue posting articles, but I always fail to do so. So the first sentence became the template for my article….

Well, how are you guys spending(whom am I asking for?) your days? I don’t remember when I updated this blog last time. Yes, we’re already in May – almost half of the year will be passed. And it’s already been almost two years since I took TOEFL iBT last time. The last time I took TOEFL was to submit for a university which I wanted to enroll in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass the exam, so I decided to go the other university, which is located closely to my house. So, I’m in that University (to tell you the truth, it’s not a university, but a college).

And now, I’m in 4th grade, which means I only have a year to graduate. Thereafter, I should start thinking about what I’m gonna do after graduating the college.

So, What I’m gonna do after graduating the college? Well, I’m not sure at the moment – I will write about my future plan later. Yet, I’m thinking to study in the U.S. So that means, I have to take TOEFL iBT (wow, finally, I mentioned TOEFL! How lengthy preamble it was !).

Yet I have another English exam in June, so I’m thinking to take TOEFL sometime in July. Because I will be studying in China from this August, I have to take the test before I go to China. So, the choices are, July 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st.

Hmmm, which date do you think is the best for me? I don’t know. Maybe July 21st is good for me…

huh..the cost, date, college exams, etc… a lot to consider.

huh, I wrote a chaotic post again. lol, next time I’ll try to write better article in better English 😉 Bye for now

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