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Hello, last month, July 21st (oh it’s already been a month!), I took TOEFL iBT for the third time. Last time when I took TOEFL was almost 2 years ago. TOEFL’s score is valid for two years, so if I didn’t take this test, my score would be invalid. This is not the only reason I took TOEFL, also I had other reasons; first I wanted to measure my current English level, second I want to study in the U.S. in near future. Because of these three reasons, I took TOEFL.

Well, I had troubles taking TOEFL. The day before the test day, I realized that I did not have my passport – to take TOEFL, we need identification card, usually passport. For some reasons, I put my passport in travel agency. I needed “PASSPORT” to take TOEFL, otherwise I cannot take test.

But, when I calmed down, and carefully checked the ETS’s website, it is said that other identification – like student’s card, driver’s license – also can be accepted. I have driver’s license and student’s card, so I was relieved. Student’s card should have signature on it. But my student’s card – usually most Japanese student’s card – doesn’t have place to put in signature. But it was okay, where ever I put signature on student’s card, it would be accepted.

In Japan, TOEFL takers are very limited, so are places to take TOEFL. The closest place was Ikebukuro Tokyo this time. I woke up early in the morning, and took train to Ikebukuro. When I arrived at St. Ikebukuro, it was two hours before the test starts. So I went to Starbucks coffee and ordered iced coffee. While enjoying coffee, I rechecked speaking section’s questions. Then went to take the test.

Test itself was not so difficult, I think I did pretty good. I didn’t have confidence on Reading and Listening section, I think I did quite good on speaking and writing section.

Then, the below is the result.
名称未設定-2 (2)Reading: 23, Listening: 22, Speaking: 19, Writing: 21, and the total is 85. I got 8 scores more than the last time. So far, so good. I mean at least not bad. I was expecting to get over 90, but it was not so easy.

Last time, reading section was only 18 points. So my reading skill was improved greatly. When I took the test, I didn’t have confidence. But I had enough time to answer questions and recheck the answers. First two passages were very difficult so that I could not understand what was written. Yet the last one passage was so easy, I think I could understand perfectly, and earned score on this passage. I have read many English books since last TOEFL. I think it was helpful for me to improve reading skill, I should continue reading more and more English books.

Listening section was quite difficult, I only get one score up from last time. I’m pretty sure that my listening skill was improved. But the listening of TOEFL test was a lot different from usual conversation, or TOEIC. The length of one listening is so long. I should take notes to answer latter questions. I have difficulties taking notes, even in Japanese. I should practice how to take proper notes quickly.

I got 2 points up on speaking section. 2 points are not so big, but the detail was good. While I only got ‘Fair’ on academic contents section last time, this time, I got ‘Fair’ on Familiar Topic and Campus situation section. I think I luckily got ‘fair’ last time, but this time I got ‘fair’ with my ability. If I could listen and take notes properly on Academic contents section, I might could get ‘fair’ on that section. So what I should do is to improve listening skill and note taking skill.

The last part, writing part, however, the score didn’t change from last time. I only got 21. I had confidence on writing, so I was little shocked. I’m pretty sure that I followed English essay stile and write more than 300 words. But I’m pretty sure I made mistake on spellings and grammar. So I think this is the reason I could not get more than 21 score. My English spelling is getting terrible these days. I should practice to write English with proper spelling. What’s more I should learn grammar. I haven’t studied grammar properly since the time I started study English. I should acquire English grammar as knowledge.

I’m pretty sure grammar and spellings are not the only reasons, but these two are very important for future studies.

The result was not so bad nor good. Next time, one year later, I will take the Test again. And will try to get more than 95 score so that I can enroll American graduate school right after I graduated my Japanese college.

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