Challenging personal data protector

Hello, This is Amenbo. The first update in almost a year! Wow, I should update this sites more frequently. Anyway, I’m challenging many things. One of them is taking official licenses. There are too many licenses in this world. In Japan, having good licenses, such as doctor’s lawyer’s, can help us to have a stable life.

But recently, in Japan, many new licenses (well, I’d better say “certificates”) are being created, so we do not know which licenses or certificate should we have. I have some certificates, but most of them are language related-certificates.

So, this time, I’m challenging non-language-related certificate – Personal data protector. As the information technology advances, the risks of leaking personal information is increasing. This certificates, personal information protector, was created under this kinds of situation. I assume that other countries might have similar certificate or something.

To take this certificate, I should take paper-based test. The pass rate for this exam is about 30%, which is not so high. The average age of test taker is late 30’s.

I only have a month to take this test. Some people say this test is not so difficult so if you study a month, you can easily pass the test. However, those people have experiences in related-business field.

I do not have any experiences in the field, except for short term part time work. So for me, the test might not easy. And I might be the minority generation of test taker. The purpose to take test is to change my job for better company, and to get a higher salary. People say this certificate is useless for promotion, but I am one of the firsts to take the test and use the certificate for job changing in early 20’s.

So if you are with me, please back up me 😛

and if you know any certificates that are useful to have a job in U.S. or other English countries, please kindly let me know.

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