I shot nice starry sky with α5100 and SEL35F18

Good morning. I went to an isolated mountain for taking starry sky with my mirrorless SONY a5100. This was the first time for me to take starry sky with my camera, but I quite well shot the stars.

My dream is to take amazing photo like below example.

But it’s not easy. We need a good camera, and best place for taking stars. So I went to isolated village far from urban to take starry photos ! Unfortunately, the sky was few with stars, but I was able to take photos better than I had thought. The photos is;

So the contents for this posts are;

  • Camera and settings
  • Raw and processing setting (Silky Pix & Photoshop)

Camera and settings

I used my loved and only mirrorless SONY A5100. and I used SEL35F18 a single focus 35mm lens. Though wide-angled and bright lens is recommended for taking stars, I only have 35mm lens with bright focus. So I chose SEL35F18 for shooting stars.

Settings for shooting are;

  • Manual mode
  • focus: manual
  • F-number: F 2.2
  • Exposure: 10 secs
  • ISO: manual ISO 1600
  • flash: No

Let us look details;




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