【Easy】How to change language menu in your SONY Cameras [Available in 35 languages]

Good afternoon. You bought your SONY Cameras in foreign countries? and You’d change menu language? Well unfortunately, SONY cameras only support limited languages like English or Japanese according to where you bought the cameras.

Well, you’re in the right place. It’s not officially supported, but you can change menu languages in simple way.


Supported models and available languages

This method supports most of SONY Cameras like;

  • Mirrorless interchangeable-lens Cameras
    • α7 II ILCE 7M2
    • α6500 ILCE-6500
    • α6300 ILCE-6300
    • α6000 ILCE-6000
    • α5100 ICLE-5100
  • Compact digital Cameras
    • Cyber-shot DSC-RX 100 M 5

If you have SONY Camera that are not mentioned above, please check here for all supported models.

Supported Languages

Many languages are supported in this method. Supported languages vary by your camera, but my A5100 has 35 languages.

Major languages like English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Japanese are fully supported. Of course, you can change your Japanese model to English.

How to change Language setting

Basically, your SONY Camera already has multiple languages. However, some languages are locked and you cannot unlock them, even though you update firmware.

But because there are multiple languages already installed, all you need to do is to unlock them. With application called Open Memories-Teak, you can easily unlock full languages.

First step is to download the app from developer’s website. Windows and Mac are both supported.

Download the application

How to download the app

All you need is app named “pmca-gui-v0.17-win.exe”. If you’re using Macintosh, please download “pmca-gui-v0.17-osx.dmg”.

About OpenMemories:Tweak

OpenMemories-Tweak is application that unlocks functions in your camera. With this app you can do;

  • Change menu languages
  • Unlimits max recording time (it is limited to 30 minutes)
  • Unlocks “PAL/NTSC” menu
  • Enables telnet, adb daemons

Installing OpenMemories:Tweak

Installing OpenMemories-Tweak is very simple. Once you finished downloading, please run the program.

After you run the program, please turn on your camera and connect to computer with USB.

You can see the screen as below, please go on to “Install app” tab.

Choose “OpenMemories:Tweak” in the “Select an app from the app list” menu.

Click “Install selected app” and when “Task completed successfully”, the program is installed in your camera.

Then go on to the settings in your camera.

Settings in the Camera

Once you installed the app, please change settings in your camera. In this article, I’m going to explain with my A5100, but you can refer this for your camera.

Go on to the “Application List” and select “OpenMemories:Tweak”. *If your camera is in Japanese, go on to the “アプリ一覧” and select “OpenMemories:Tweak”.

Once you run the app, you can see your camera information.

Go on to “Protection” menu.

Check “Unlock protected settings”

If you not check this option, error will occur when you try to unlock language menu.

Go on to “Region” menu.

Check in “Unlock all languages” and you will be able to change languages.

After doing this, go on to your camera’s original setting menu.

You can find “Language / or 言語” in your setting option.

Select your desired language in language menu, and you’re done.

How to restore settings

You cannot restore or factory reset by deleting this app. The changes will remain even you delete the app.

If you want to restore to default, please redo the above in backways, and uncheck all changes.

After that, do factory reset for initialization.


You can change languages in 35 languages with this method. If you are having trouble with language settings in SONY Cameras, you can change it with this method.

42 Replies to “【Easy】How to change language menu in your SONY Cameras [Available in 35 languages]”

  1. Omg!!! It really worked! This is the first ever tutorial online I followed that actually work! I was able to change the language in less than 3 mins! Awesome tutorial!

  2. hello, i have a problem. my camera is sony a6600 and now in japanese language. i want to change to other language. but, i can’t install tweak in my camera.
    after i klick “install selected app”, erorr appears like this,

    Switching to app install mode
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca-gui.py”, line 76, in do
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 274, in installCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 37, in switchToAppInstaller
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\sony.py”, line 306, in switchToAppInstaller
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\sony.py”, line 244, in _sendCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\sony.py”, line 67, in sendSonyExtCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\__init__.py”, line 36, in _checkResponse
    pmca.usb.InvalidCommandException: Mass storage error: Sense 0x5 0x20 0x0

    do you have solution for me?

    1. Hello, SONY changed system in a6600. Unfortunately, as of today, there’s no way to change language menu in SONY a6600…..

    2. Hello Guys . i have a problem bout my new sony a74 it has only Japanese language . can you help me how to change in english language? hope you read my msg guys thank you🙏🏼

  3. Hello , what about A6400 , is it possible to change the language ? I bought it from China and it only has Chinese Korean Hindi …

  4. I got a RX100 III from Japan with Japanese only language and this worked perfectly and unlocked all the languages. Thank you!

  5. Hi, guys. I’m about to use this method on my a7iii that of japanese domestic model in order to change its language setting from japanese to english. Has anyone tried this on a7iii yet?

  6. hello, i have a problem. it seems that i can’t use the tweak. my camera is Sony RX 100 M6, here is the log.
    Model: DSC-RX100M6
    Product code: 0080817600
    Serial number: 00004193
    Firmware version: 1.00

    Using drivers Windows-MSC, Windows-MTP
    Looking for Sony devices

    Querying mass storage device
    Sony DSC is a camera in mass storage mode

    Switching to app install mode
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca-gui.py”, line 76, in do
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 274, in installCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 37, in switchToAppInstaller
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\sony.py”, line 306, in switchToAppInstaller
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\sony.py”, line 244, in _sendCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\sony.py”, line 67, in sendSonyExtCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\__init__.py”, line 36, in _checkResponse
    pmca.usb.InvalidCommandException: Mass storage error: Sense 0x5 0x20 0x0

    can you help me? thanks

  7. Your software was successfully installed to my RX1RM2. I’m so happy to use it in English and very grateful for your work. However, the time-lapse, star-trail, and smooth reflection of Sony’s paid applications did not work. Probably there is some conflict with OpenMemories:Tweak.
    Thank you anyway, I’m so happy to use your software.

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment. It’s very rare to face this kind of problem.
      I have A5100, and I changed language to English, still paid applications are working fine…

  8. HIi amembo,
    Thanks for the info.
    Just to be sure, I removed paid apps and reinstalled them again but they did not work…but I rather to use “Teawk” than Sony’s paid apps, I’m happy to be with “Tweak”.

  9. hello
    I’m trying to use the app to change the language from Japanese to English, but the app says that it can’t find the camera when I plug it in. The camera is a sony DSC-wx500

    1. DSC-wx500 is supported. Wich OS are you using ? I recommend you to use Windows.
      The app still works on Mac, but little difficult.

    1. Hi Yg,
      I feel sorry for your situation as a7Riv is quite expensive. Could you sell or solve it after that? If not, I may help you to sell it in Japan. I am Japanese living in Australia. I succeeded to change the language menu for my alpha 7II by the app as I decided to sell in the local market.
      I’ll explain it to a secondhand shop and you can post it to them directly.
      What do you think?

  10. Hello.

    I just bought a new camera Sony A6400 from Japan. I have a problem with changing language from Japanese to English. The manual indicated that the language automatic prompt when first start the camera. But, when I first turn on the camera, I cannot find any items to change the language, I found only the date and time. I also try to find the menu but I cannot found any items related to change the language.

    I need an urgent help, please guide me how to change the language.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

  11. The issue that Sony’s paid apps won’t work after installed Tweak on RX1RII has solved so I report how to do it.
    At any mode, press “Menu” and go to page 6 in “Setup”, choose “Setting Reset”, then choose “Camera Settings Reset (It should be gray)” . After this, move to “Application” and choose “Application list” then excute app you want. I don’t know why this process is needed, but it worked.

  12. I use A6500 for 3 years with Japanese and use limit function all lifetime.
    Now I can change the language to English.
    Thank you.
    Date 2020-10-17 still working.

  13. It cannot find my Sony Vlogcam ZV1-G, what can I do, I bought it from Japan just reading this article but now cannot use it for Japanese.

  14. Hi sir i have Sony A6100 Japanese camera its only in Japanese .i want to change the language but I can’t because they don’t have language change option in sony A6100.
    Please help me please.

  15. Apparently, it did not work on my camera, here is the result when I tried installing OpenMemories: Tweak. My camera is in japanese language.
    Querying MTP device
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca-gui.py”, line 57, in do
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 231, in infoCommand
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 219, in getDevice
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\commands\usb.py”, line 203, in listDevices
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\__init__.py”, line 75, in __init__
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\__init__.py”, line 121, in openSession
    File “C:\projects\sony-pmca-re\pmca\usb\__init__.py”, line 83, in _checkResponse
    pmca.usb.MtpException: MTP error 0x2004

  16. Hi Amembo,
    I’ve just bought a Sony RX10 iv, have tried your app and it did not work.
    I checked the list of cameras your app supports, and found that it supports the RX10s up to iii. Is it possible for you to add the iv?
    Or, could you please kindly let me know when you are going to release a new version which supports the RX10 iv?

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