Name: Amenbo
Occupation: Japanese College Student
Interested in: Languages, Computers, Piano, International relations, etc.
People I respect: Kenichiro Mogi, Dae Jang Geum, Mineo Nakajima, Chiune Sugihara, Steve Jobs

Blog in Japanese:

Short message: I am a Japanese university student. I love to learn many languages, start with English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

Oh!, Since I’m an English learner, if you realize any grammar mistakes, or spell incorrect, Please Let Me Know. I really like to correct my English grammars, and improve.


Reasons of my Name: Amenbo means water strider in Japanese. Water strider is one of the environemntal index. The place where water strider lives is environmentally clean place. And When you find water strider, you are so lucky and you can be happy (Refer Drama: Moon Lover). I like beautiful things, and I want make people happy. So I chose this name as a handle name. I want you to be happy.

I am a college student in Japan. I like to study foreign languages; I studied English, Chinese, Spanish and little Portuguese. But I could not master any of languages :O So, in order to master languages, I’m not studying English to get TOEFL 100, and Chinese Exam pre-first grade. From this August to next March, I study in Northwest University in Xi’an Shaanxi China.

My mottoes are “Live beautifully” and “Never stop learning”. My favorite quotation is “You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”, the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford University. Some decades later, I want to say “My dots were all connected” when I look back my life, before I die.

Well, anyway, I am a senior at University. After coming back from China, I will graduate. I still don’t know what to do after graduating. Any help?

At last, let me introduce the quotation which impressed me recently. The quotation is President Mujica’s speech at Rio conference. He said as he quote

“a poor person is not someone who has little but one who needs infinitely more, and more and more.”


This is exactly true, we want to have many things, though they are not necessarily needed. We should consider carefully. When we change our viewpoint, we already are happy.

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