Chinese first aircraft carrier

I summarized the topic and wrote down below. This is the first time, so it’s terrible English and probably it’s not summarized…..but anyway, please read it and give me some advice, any advice. thank you.
China has started trial voyage of its first aircraft carrier on Wednesday. The aircraft carrier is from Soviet Union. The carrier was not done by Soviet, because Soviet collapsed in 1991. One of Chinese company bought it, and Chinese military gained it.
And reconstructed it. This is the first aircraft carrier for China.
Many experts say that China may be constructing some other aircraft carriers. Because aircraft carrier is can’t be used if only one carrier. They need to have at least 3 aircraft carriers to deploy it to actual fighting.
Many experts also say, that the aircraft carrier won’t be deployed until 2015, because landing on aircraft carrier is very dangerous maneuver. And it takes years to master.
Also maintaining aircraft carrier takes high cost.

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