China should have free internet access

Should China have free Internet access for all its citizens? Choose three topics below and write a balanced essay.

  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Young People
  • Population
  • Tradition

Although internet censorship has some advantages and it is a good thing if it works properly, China should have free internet access for all its citizens. I would like to explain the reasons using three points, Young People in China, Security, and Freedom.

Young people, especially so-called post-80s and -90s, should know the truth about their national history, though some people argue that some information should be hidden. Learning true history is important for the future not to repeat the same fault. For instance, China blocks Tiananmen Square protest from the internet. People should be aware of this kind of things. Similar things could happen again if it continues hidden. Young people, they are the one who hold the key of the future.

China introduced censorship in order to keep internet orders, and it worked in some ways. However, ironically censorship led many people to be dissatisfied. Evidence shows that China is the top country which has many hackers and makes many computer viruses.

Everyone should have freedom. As Pres. Obama said, freedom has power. Although some people argue that people should not have too much freedom in order to keep social order, freedom never causes social disorders. Evidence shows that countries ranked higher as developed and safe are all democratic countries.

China has power, and is developing very rapidly. Yet, Chinese government only relies on its forces. This causes many people to be unsatisfied because they cannot complain anything about Chinese government. Thereby, though Chinese government or nation seems strong and fast developing, Chinese country is very sensitive. It could be disordered at any time soon. Therefore, Chinese government should open the internet to all its citizen and listen to citizens’ demand as many of other countries do. This is the only way China can keep its power.

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