Why not TOEIC, but TOEFL?

Those of you who are not Japanese or Korean, may not know what TOEIC is. TOEIC is a international English exam made by ETS. And is a very popular and famous English examination and a certification in Japan and Korea. However, I would like to suggest that TOEIC is a not good measurement, but TOEFL is much more better measurement. There are three reasons; TOEIC doesn’t test four skills, TOEIC is a limited examination, and its difficulty.

First, TOEIC only tests two skills; listening skill and reading skill, while TOEFL tests four skills; reading skill, listening skill, speaking skill, and writing skill. When you study language, you need four skills to acquire. Languages are useful and applicable when you acquired four skills, though some people can use languages very efficiently even they only have acquire few skills. However, when you acquire four skills, or even more, possibilities are infinite. You can understand and know about foreign affairs in English through reading English news, English articles, or so on. Or, you can listen to news radios in English. Also, if you have acquired English writing you can write blogging in English, or web-site in English. Probably you can find a job in some news agency. In addition, if you have speaking skill, you can enjoy conversation with foreigners, or discuss something. Probably you even can present in front of many audiences!

Second, TOEIC is a very limited examination in many ways. As I mentioned above, TOEIC only tests two skills, and very local exam. For example if you are not Korean or Japanese, reading this article, probably you don’t know what TOEIC is. This is one reason. TOEIC is very local examination that only Korean or Japanese take. Even if you have quite high score, let me say about 900, once you go out overseas, no one can recognize how you’re good at in English. On the contrast, TOEFL is much more popular all around the world. And TOEFL scores are directly connected with academic English, and of course daily English. In addition, many universities take TOEFL to measure students’ English knowledge. Yet, no universities take TOEIC score for entrance requirement, but universities in Japan and Korea.

Third, exam’s difficulty. TOEIC is much more easier than TOEFL iBT. TOEFL is made for academic purpose, while TOEIC is said it is made for business purpose. Which do you think is more difficult? Of course TOEFL is much more difficult. TOEIC is said that it is made for business purpose, but actually it is useless for business use. Probably only for daily conversation or little more. Once you take both exams, you will certainly know. For example, I only have 77 scores on TOEFL iBT, but I already have over 900 on TOEIC test.

Although TOEIC is a not bad examination, TOEFL is a much better examination. Through out all three reasons I mentioned above, I will strongly suggest to Japanese society that TOEFL is the best examination for English learner.

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