172nd TOEIC SP test

Today was the day of 172nd Secure Program, or SP, of the TOEIC test. Those of you who live in outside the Japan, or Korea may not know what TOEIC is. Please visit the TOEIC website.

Anyway, today was the second time for me to take TOEIC SP test. So I was little bit confused. My aimed score was 915; currently I have 905 of IP –Institutional Program –, and 755 of SP. I practiced to spend 25 seconds per a question in Part 5 using iPhone.

For the listening section, I could not concentrate on several questions so I might be failed to answer them correctly. The expected score is around 450.

I practiced to spend only 25 seconds per a question in Part 5. However, it is only possible in iPhone because I don’t have to mark on mark-sheet. In the real test, we have to mark the answers on mark-sheet, so I spent more than 25 seconds per a question. In addition, several grammar questions were difficult for me, so I spent nearly 12 minutes for Part 5.

But, the latter part, Part 6 was quite easy, I might be answered correctly all of the questions in Part 6.

When I was answering Part 7, an accident happened. I miss-marked answer on mark-sheet, I soon realized but it made me hasty. Anyway, I had to reorganize my condition. I hurried to answer the rest of the questions.

When I finished answering all of the questions, I still had 5 minutes to review my answers. I shortly reviewed the questions I might have marked incorrectly. So the 5 minutes were still helpful for me.

This was the first time I had extra time to review, so I couldn’t use them efficiently. The following Wednesday, I’m going to take TOEIC IP test. So I will try not to do the same mistake again that time.

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