Agree or disagree: The use of nuclear power should be expanded

Topic: Agree or disagree: The use of nuclear power should be expanded


  • Demand for electricity
  • Disposal of nuclear waste
  • Global warming
  • Price of oil
  • Renewable energy
  • Safety


Although nuclear power is sometimes blamed for its safety, since petroleum fuel price continues rising and nuclear power never emit carbon dioxide, nuclear power should be expanded.

Even though Japan is developed country, the demand for electricity continues growing. Since electricity is believed that it is cleaner power than other powers, many homes have begun to alter its main power sources from petroleum power to electricity. For example, some homes use electricity to cook rather than using propane gas, and use electricity to boil water rather than using petroleum to boil. For this reason, growing of demand for electricity is highly probable.

Though the demand for electricity grows, oil, which is the main energy source of electricity, price continue rising. Because of many wars in the central-east Asian countries, oil price never drops since several years ago hitting electricity industries.

Nuclear power never emits carbon dioxide which causes global warming. According to the recent study, fossil fuel-based electricity generator is the main cause of emitting carbon dioxide. However nuclear power does not emit any carbon dioxide.

Although some people say that nuclear power is dangerous so we should not use it, if nuclear plants are operated appropriately, no serious accident would occur. Indeed, Chernobyl accident was the only serious accident, and no other serious accident has occurred since then. Though three-mile and Fukushima accidents were happened, no one died by the direct damage from radiation.

As I mentioned, we can see that the demand for electricity will likely to continue growing. Yet, we cannot rely on fossil fuel, which is instable energy source and the main cause of producing carbon dioxide. Thus nuclear power should be expanded.


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